In most sports power is generated in the core and transferred into a kick, jump or throw. Without strong core muscles the control and transfer of the energy will be reduced. This can result in poor results or injuries.

Performance training with Redcord consists of three-dimensional exercises with high carry-over effect to sporting situations. The exercises improve strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination and core muscle stability. Studies show that suspension exercises in Redcord improve athletic performance more than traditional strength training. Since Redcord suspension exercises activate muscle interaction and multiple muscle groups during a single exercise, the training is also time efficient.

Redcord is used all over the world by trainers and athletes as:
» Performance enhancement
» Injury prevention
» Rehabilitation

The exercises can easily be adjusted to any ability level, regardless of age, ambition and skill. Redcord is therefore a useful exercise tool for anyone who would like to improve daily function or perform better in sports.

Do you want to gain strength and improve performance?