How You Sit Can Hurt Your Golf Swing


If you’re sitting down as you read this, check your posture. Do your upper-back muscles feel stretched and your chest muscles feel relaxed? This hunched-over position is known as Kyphotic posture or C-posture, because it gives your back this concave look (pictured) when viewed from the side. Staying in this position for long periods of time can make it difficult to maintain good posture when you swing a club and can lead to pain and injury.

“Most people don’t even realize they’re doing it,” says Golf Digest fitness advisor Ben Shear. “Desk jobs promote it. So does riding in a cart. Even practicing your putting for long periods causes it. The deck is stacked against you.”

You need a posture reboot, Shear says, and he will show you how. “When you’re in this C-posture for long periods, your back muscles are locked in an elongated position while the muscles on the front side of the body are locked in a short and tight position,” he says. “You need to unlock them from these positions and then strengthen them when they’re back to normal.”

Watch this video to see Ben offer a three-pronged attack to improving your posture and, in turn, improving your golf swing.