Golfer’s Edge Radio Show

Ben Shear Golf Presents Golfer's Edge on SiriusXM Radio
Ben Shear joins the PGA Tour Radio channel on the Sirius/XM Radio Network with his own show, Golfer’s Edge. This new format allows Ben Shear to share his experiences and insights about the many facets of the game, alternating between straight content, call-in questions, and guest speakers. The series begins on Monday 3/24/2014 at 7:00 pm EST (XM—Channel 93 | Sirius—Channel 208 ) by honing in on the Body/Swing connection and on the importance of golf-specific fitness to one’s game.

Shear will provide the latest inside information on:

» Golf Fitness
» Golf Instruction
» Women’s Golf
» Juniors
» Manual Therapies
» Diagnostic Technologies
» Performance Nutrition and Hydration
» Mental Coaching
» Club Fitting
» Training Aides
» Performance Fabrics
» And more!

Golfer’s Edge


Monday 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

XM—Channel 93

Sirius—Channel 208

Other topics will include:

» What could be lurking behind a troubled golf swing?
» There are handicaps, and there are handicaps…
» Preparing for a Major
» Golf: It’s a Numbers Game — Using shot statistics to inform your play
» Don’t Run out of Gas: The Importance of Performance Nutrition in the game of Golf
» Going on Tour… (Touring Professionals discuss the different aspects of their game)
» Who else is on the bag? — The Teamwork Behind the Successful Player
» How is women’s golf different?
» PG Rating: The growth of Junior Golf
» A Booming Business: Technologies for Golf
» Golf Apps
» Age-appropriate Golf
» Get your Head in the Game — When it’s time to use a Mental Coach