Golf Digest: Things We Learned From Golf Fitness Summit – Day 2


Ben Shear’s mobility advice was listed as one of the 10 Things We Learned From Golf Fitness Summit on Golf Digest:

More often than not, if your body feels tight in a certain area, stretching is not the solution to your problem, says PGA Tour fitness expert Ben Shear (pictured), a frequent contributor to Golf Digest. A quick check will tell you whether you need to work on your mobility. Here is an example: Say your hips feel tight. Lie down on your back and try to lift your knees up toward your chest one at a time. Did your range of motion improve significantly? Did it seem easy to lift your knees up? If so, stretching will probably not help your tightness issue. The problem most likely is a lack of stability in the hip joint. Shear suggests you work on improving the stability of the hip instead of simply stretching. A telltale sign stretching will not help your tightness is if the tightness returns repeatedly.