For Local Junior Golf Star, Allyson Wentworth, There Is No Off Season


Allyson Wentworth, a junior at Phillipsburg High School, notched her second career International Junior Golf Tour tournament victory last Sunday in the girls division of the IJGT event at The Architects Club. Wentworth had a 36-hole score of 2-over-par 72-72 (144). She finished three strokes ahead of Ami Gianchandani of Short Hills, N.J., who shot 76-71 (147). Although Wentworth has two victories and six top-3 place finishes on the IJGT circuit, she credits her off-season training regimen for her recent successes.


For golfers who live in winter climates, there was never an opportunity in the past to train during the off-season outside of some limited indoor facilities. However, that all changed when Ben Shear, the strength and conditioning coach to Webb Simpson, Luke Donald and other top PGA Tour professionals, opened up a Junior Golf Academy in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.

Wentworth, who has been devoted to the sport since she was 9 years old, learned about Shear’s academy through the NJPGA. She tributes taking 7 to 8 strokes off of her score due to her off-season diligence and the specialized training she’s received from Ben Shear, who is on the Editorial Staff of Golf Digest Magazine and the Advisory Board of the internationally-acclaimed Core Junior Golf Academy in Florida. “I am stronger and have a greater understanding of my swing which has translated into lower scores,” Allyson reveals.

Wentworth is training two hours a week at the facility during the winter program, a time commitment that demonstrates her devotion to the sport and just what it takes these days for top junior golfers who aspire to reach the highest levels. “I was about 12 years old when I decided to stop other sports and focus just on my golf game,” Allyson remembers. This dedication is only matched by the other junior golfers in the program, who come from all over the metropolitan area to attend the academy.

One of the reasons for the success of the academy, is the program marries proven advancements in athletic science with the latest, golf technology to bring out the very best in young athletes aged 12 to 19 years old. “I’m getting the same training that Luke Donald and other PGA players are getting on tour and it’s translated to not only lowering my scores, but also making fewer mental mistakes on the course and hitting the ball with greater distance and improved accuracy,” Allyson observes.

Another aspect that separates the Ben Shear Golf Junior Golf Academy from other junior golf programs, is Shear provides a comprehensive scientific evaluation of each player. This detailed screening process and assessment uncovers the underlying physical causes to technical swing faults. By completing a proprietary, thorough and golf-specific review, and gaining a foundation of precise knowledge about each player’s abilities, Shear then creates the optimal, off-season fitness program to address strength, mobility, stability, balance, sequencing, movement patterning, and the other critical physical facets of athletic performance. Now add the latest cutting-edge technology, including launch monitors, ultra-high-speed video analysis, pressure plate sensors and a revolutionary indoor putting green, and you have a sophisticated and efficient program that maximizes a junior player’s potential.

“If I continue to progress, I hope to play Division 1 golf in college and hopefully make the Curtis Cup Team,” Wentworth exclaims. Next week, Allyson will be back at the Ben Shear Golf Junior Golf Academy, putting in the hours so she can continue to improve and find success once again in the spring when the season opens.