Ben Shear is highly sought after for industry-leading physical assessments, comprehensive technical evaluations and cutting-edge, golf-specific fitness. He also travels much of the PGA Tour circuit, providing Strength and Conditioning, Biomechanics and Performance Nutrition expertise for current professional clients, including Luke Donald, Jason Day, Webb Simpson, and Russell Henley, to name a few, as well as numerous Teaching Pros, and recreational and competitive amateurs of all levels.

Ben Shear

Shear has a unique, multi-faceted approach to golf performance training. He is able to combine all relevant physical and technical details into one thorough, scientific approach towards performance-based strength and conditioning. He is on the Advisory Staff of Golf Digest Magazine, has appeared on the Golf Channel’s “Golf Fitness Academy,” and can be heard on Sirius XM’s PGA Tour channel, hosting the weekly show, “Golfer’s Edge.” In addition, he has appeared in The Met Golfer, the PGA of Americas Professional Guide to Instruction and the New Jersey State Golf Association Magazine. He has presented on swing mechanics and performance training at The World Golf Fitness Summit, the New Jersey State PGA, Met Section PGA, and the Better Golf Through Technology Conference at M.I.T. He is also Associate Editor of the Journal of Applied Golf Research and is a contributing golf training writer for, the largest education website in the world for trainers. Also, Shear is part of a world-class Board of Advisors to the Core Junior Golf Academy in Orlando, Florida, along with Sean Foley, James Leitz and David Orr. Internationally, he has consulted for and trained men and women on the Russian Junior National Golf team, and he has designed elite golf performance training facilities in Russia.

Shear is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Level 3 Fitness Instructor, Juniors Instructor, and is also certified in Golf Biomechanics by both TPI and Advanced Motion Measurements (AMM). He is the Golf Fitness Instructor on the Education Team for Redcord USA, a European functional training outfit that blends sports medicine with exercise science. In addition, he specializes in various manual Neuromuscular Reactivation Techniques and is an Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor. He has a fitness instruction certification through New York University (NYU), as well as PTA Global.

Before focusing primarily on golf performance, as director of Performance Training at Athletic Edge in Scotch Plain, NJ, Shear trained athletes of all sports and levels, including the NFL, NBA, NHL and Olympians. His sports-performance facility was ranked as one of the “Top Six Strength and Conditioning Destinations in the Country” by Rodale Press, publishers of some of the largest Fitness publications in the US.