Ben Shear Joins Golf & Body NYC As Golf Fitness Team Director


Steven Login MS, PT and Tom Schiff conceived and built Golf and Body in Huntington Village, NY in the fall of 2009. Their idea was to create a place for local golfers to practice and play on golf simulators. With the added value of golf-specific training and Steven’s knowledge of physical therapy, these golfers could perform functional exercises that would relate to the golf swing and allow for direct feedback on the simulators.

An avid golfer, Tom was suffering from chronic back pain. As he approached his late 40s, he believed he had exhausted all his options at being able to play pain-free. He had all but retired from playing golf when a mutual friend recommended Tom see Steve Login. Steve is a physical therapist who had undergone training at the Titleist Performance Institute. With Steve’s combination of treatment, he not only rehabilitated Tom through his back pain but enabled him to achieve a more connected golf swing, producing a dramatic improvement to his game.

Ben Shear on the cover of New York Golf Magazine

While being treated, Tom shared his thoughts about bringing golf simulators to Huntington. He felt there was a need for local golfers to have a place to keep their swing in shape through the off-season and inclement weather. At the same time, Steve related that he had wanted to be able to work closer to his family. Steve took the idea to task and found what he believed to be the perfect location, and that was how the journey started. From opening day to present, their energy has been driven by every person who has walked through their doors, continuously validating their concept. Through the years, they have been asked by many, “Why are you not in the city?”

This question eventually turned into “When?” After a long search they found a location and venue capable of making their vision become a reality. Golf & Body NYC is just steps from Penn Station, with golfers able to store their bags and train right through the winter months enabling them to enter the next golf season with the best swing of their lives.

It is the underlying belief at Golf & Body NYC that the best way to significantly improve your game is to train your body with the same team approach that until now has only been available to high-level tour players. The best golfers in the world are being taken care of primarily by three professionals — a swing coach, a personal trainer and a physical therapist. This incredible facility gives any golfer access to that same elite treatment.

The golf training is directed by Darrell Kestner, rated a top 50 instructor by a number of golf publications. Darrell’s team will analyze your swing and coach you in Golf & Body’s indoor facility. The next generation HD Golf simulators are equipped with video and other analytics for proper swing assessment. Golf fitness team director Ben Shear, trainer of Luke Donald, Webb Simpson and other PGA tour pros, will assess your body for your strengths and range of motion. Ben will set up a program to both train and monitor you as you work towards achieving the best swing possible. The physical therapy unit, headed by Steve Login, will be on hand to treat and repair your body, addressing all your injuries and limitations with his brand and knowledge of golf specific physical therapy. All teams are working and communicating together with the common goal to improve your performance.

Golf & Body NYC