Additional Services

Training Sessions

Indoor Golf Lessons


Manual Therapy

Performance Nutrition

Half Day Tour Experience

This is the same comprehensive assessment process of Physical Screens and 3-D Biomechanical swing analysis used with Touring Professionals. Assessment results are used to design a 6-8 week training program, which is supported by personalized online video training. While many clients chose to undergo this type of thorough evaluation, this “experience” often becomes the most appealing alternative for people who live too far away to be regular members.

Lecture Series

Members and guests of the Ben Shear Golf club will have a front-row seat when some of the game’s biggest names are brought into town to share interesting insights and experiences from the biggest stages in golf. Nowhere else will people have such inside access to some of Golf’s all-stars—from celebrity coaches and caddies, to equipment manufacturers, scientists, sports psychologists and writers, just to name a few. Guest speakers will make appearances quarterly, bringing a whole different meaning and level of enjoyment to higher education in golf.